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Collaborative Law Group Launches Amid ADR Growth

The collaborative law process is gaining traction among family law attorneys after a 2016 change in state law. South Florida is famously litigious, but a new family law firm in the region aims to use a recently established form of alternative dispute resolution to resolve family matters outside the courtroom. Author: Dan Roe Website: https://www.law.com/dailybusinessreview/2021/02/04/collaborative-law-group-launches-amid-adr-growth/

Origins of Collaborative Law

In 1990, a Minnesota family law attorney named Stu Webb began promoting what he deemed “Collaborative Law,” or the practice of law separating out trial work and creating negotiation specialists.  Collaborative Law is now used in South Florida, throughout Florida, and around the world, as families have realized that they don’t want to be placed in […]

Give Giving a Go

In one of my recent collaborative cases, the parties were stuck negotiating between two numbers. They were not far apart, certainly not far apart enough to warrant litigating or even mediating. They were stuck and dug into their positions. Our very experienced team with excellent professionals was having difficulty getting them to move from their […]

A Working Parent’s Paradigm Shift

My firm started working from home during the pandemic, and my kids, Landon, age 7, and Kendall, age 4, switched to schooling from home around that same time. Overnight, I became a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher, in addition to my roles as attorney and business owner. Now I not only needed to fill my […]

Using an Allied Professional in a Collaborative Matter

In one of my recent collaborative cases, the parties owned a complicated business entity and were seeking a way to stay business partners while dissolving their marriage.  Usually we would not want divorcing spouses to remain in business together, however here it made sense based on the financial circumstances for these parties to do so.  […]